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Ask Dr. H for technical questions

What is HCoating?
Novel chemical substances were developed to produce HCoating. The process is non-obvious, with no prior art in ophthalmic lens application. It is useful, having very little viscosity increase over time while maintaining all other features. HCoating adjusts and stabilizes coating viscosity by altering intra-molecular structures, a great technological advancement since the birth of solvent-free, inter-molecularly blended hard coating.

Why is stable viscosity crucial to a lens coating?
A film thickness of dry coating is dependant on the viscosity of the wet coating (liquid). Higher-viscosity liquids make a thicker dry film. Once the viscosity reaches a certain level, the dry-coated film gets thick enough to lose adhesion on the lens. Unfortunately, most solventless hard coatings have the problem of ever-increasing viscosity, among other issues.

Why is Intra-Molecular Altering better than Inter-Molecular Blending?
Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA) within a chemical is based on molecule design to get the desired structure and viscosity, stabilizing there. Inter-Molecular Blending (IMB) of different chemicals leads to either ever-increasing viscosity (e.g. competitorís discontinued product) or too low viscosity to hide surfacing defects after curing (e.g. competitorís non-tintable coating).

Why is HCoating better than Competition?
HCoating SR, UT, AB, BT, and HB coatings are the products of IMA technology, offering the best balance of adhesion, abrasion resistance, tinting, and AR compatibility. All other competitorís coatings are the products of IMB technology.

What are the recommendations for coating replacements?
Ultra Optics UV-XBT coating to HCoating BT coating
Ultra Optics UV-87 coating to HCoating BT coating
Ultra Optics UVNV coating to HCoating BT, UT, SR coatings
Ultra Optics UV-NQ coating to HCoating BT, UT, SR coatings
Ultra Optics AST-1 coating to HCoating HB coating
Coburn DURA-UV coating to HCoating BT coating
Coburn UVMAX-QT coating to HCoating BT, UT, SR coatings
Coburn UVAR coating to HCoating AB coating
Do I have to change anything in our coating machine to use HCoating?
HCoating is applicable in the existing lens coating machines and is also miscible and co-curable with most UV hard coatings. No changing is required, such as replacing filter or flushing system. You can start applying HCoating to lenses after simply mixing HCoating with your previous coating and running your coating machine for several minutes. Also you can pour back old coatings in your coater without other changes.

Why do I get streaks on the lens after mixing HCoating with our pre-existing coating?
Coatings in a coater thicken over time and running the machine will help incorporate the new coating. Streak appearances indicate that HCoating and the old coating have not yet been well-mixed. Keep running the machine until no streaks appear on a lens.

Why do I get a milky film after mixing HCoating with our pre-existing coating?
Milky film indicates a parameter difference between the two coatings. Generally speaking, using more than 50% of HCoating in a mix should avoid any incompatibility with other solvent-free hard coatings.

How do I optimize the coating performance?
If the coating loses adhesion on Polycarbonate lens, which means the dry film is too thick, increase the spin off rpm to get thinner film. If the coating shows marks or scratches, which means the dry film is too thin, decrease the spin off rpm to get thicker film.

How do I prevent theĒ pitsĒ from forming on the coating film?
Adjust the coating jet during spray to the height where the coating touches the lens all time. Wait for at least two hours. Spray again, and there should be no more pits formed on cured coating film.

How do I use HCoating in a Gerber Coburn solvent-free coater?
To maintain machine function, you must keep HCoating full in the coating bowl before the coating level gets low enough to trigger a shut down.

Do you have a cleaning method to remove uncured (wet) HCoating?
Method A: Pick up a piece of tissue paper, soak it up with pure IPA (isopropyl alcohol), and then use the wet paper to wipe the coating off the lens. This may need to be repeated until the lens is free of coatings.
Method B: Smear some liquid soap detergent on the coated lens, then rinse the lens with tap water, or go through the water cleaning process in your coater.

What is your discount price for coatings?
We offer the cheapest UV optical coating available online with better prices than our competitors: up to 50% lower than brand products and at least 10% lower than discount products. Volume discount is further applied: 5% off for the order over 20 bottles of coatings; 10% off for the order over 40 bottles of coatings.

How long does shipping take?
Standard shipping may take a few days to reach you. Overnight shipping leaves at 5 PM Pacific Time.

What are the shipping charges?
The S & H charges are already included in the price for USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada address.

How do I place an order?
Simply just click the 'Add To Cart' button to make a purchase. For large volume purchasers, place your orders with us via email (preferred), fax, or telephone. No P.O. boxes please; A signature is required for receiving.

How can I pay?
We accept credit cards, money orders, and business checks. Please allow at least 7 days for checks to be cleared. Please pay only after we offer you a quote.

How do I pay with credit card on line?
1. Click the "Pay Now" button

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If you have any problem using PayPal, please call for help at (888) 221-1161.

Can you deliver the package without requiring signature?
Yes, the package can be delivered without signature by your email request. However, you will be responsible for any possible issues.

Can I change the shipping address?
Yes, you can change the shipping address by email before the shipment is sent out.

What is your return policy?
Email us first. We guarantee good quality products upon arrival. Please get our authorization prior to returning any packages. Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

What is your privacy policy?
We respect the privacy of our customers, and ensure the confidentiality of your personal or business information, which will not be disclosed to anyone unless required by law.

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