UV coating

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HCoating.com is operated by Arotek International LLC, a small innovative company based in California dedicated to developing advanced materials for high-tech applications. Led by a Ph.D. chemist, Arotek’s research team has combined decades of R&D experience in the chemical and coating industries.

We develop cutting edge technology to provide top quality coatings. Arotek’s intellectual property includes Trademark, IMA technology, manufacturing process, and formulas. Our IMA technology surpasses all existing patented technologies of leading competitors.

HCoating is applicable in re-circulating spin coaters, such as: Ultra Optics Mini II, MR III, Ultra RX, Ultra OTB coaters, Tooling coater, Chemat coater, Genesis EZCoat and FastCoat coaters, Jelight coater, and Used coaters. HCoating is compatible with Zeiss AR coating, Chemat Chemalux AR coating, VM AR coating, Quantum AR coating, and Satisloh AR coating.

We are also adopting cost-effective processes to offer our products at the lowest prices (up to 10% - 50% lower than our competitors). Now, our online ordering system is serving optical labs across the U.S. and all over the world. We ship worldwide.

If you have any comments, suggestions, new applications, or R&D projects, we would like to hear from you and work with you.

HCoating Booth at Vision Expo East
HCoating Booth at Vision Expo West

HCoating Milestones
03/2018 - HCoating will exhibit in Booth LP 4014 at International Vision Expo East in New York City, USA
09/2017 - Press on page 64 was released on HCoating-HB, Hardest Base hard coating
09/2017 - HCoating exhibited in Booth LP 8109 at International Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, USA
03/2017 - Trademark "HCoating" was registered with China SBJ.SAIC
12/2016 - Press was released on HCoating-BT, Best Tintable hard coating
06/2015 - Press was released on HCoating-UT, Ultra Tintable hard coating, fast tinting
05/2015 - Vision Monday/VMail introduced HCoating-AB as perfect AR Base hard coating, super hard
12/2014 - Lab Advisor Newsletter introduced HCoating-SR, Scratch Resistant coating
10/2014 - HCoating was on Opti Products in Optical World, the Journal of the International Optical Industry, UK
11/2013 - HCoating was on Industry News in the NO.6/2013 issue of MAFO, international ophthalmic labs & industry magazine, Germany
07/2013 - HCoating published press release in the July/August 2013 issue of LabTalk , US optical labs magazine
11/2012 - Trademark "HCoating" was registered with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
10/2010 - HCoating exhibited in Booth LP 3045 at International Vision Expo West 2010 in Las Vegas, USA
03/2010 - HCoating exhibited in Booth LP 1674 at International Vision Expo East 2010 in New York City, USA
03/2009 - HCoating extended sales to non-ophthalmic lens industries
01/2009 - COLTS Laboratories validated HCoating quality
11/2008 - HCoating began operating in US optical labs
10/2008 - www.hcoating.com website was launched online
05/2008 - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the manufacturing of the key ingredient of HCoating
04/2008 - American Chemical Society (ACS) identified and assigned a CAS RN to a new synthetic substance, the first key ingredient of HCoating

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